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What's this all about?
Campaigns target a particular issue over a specific timeframe. TRUE selects causes members believe to be timely and important. Some campaigns may re-occur periodically, but most are one-time efforts.

How can I help?
Let us know what transit issues are important to you and how we can specifically target them with a campaign. Is there way to tie an important issue to a current event? We're always interested in new ideas for campaigns and people to run them.

Current Campaigns
Late Night Transit: Support the extension of service hours; coincides with the upcoming late night transit reports before city council.

GETS 2040: Support the expansion of LRT and coordination with ongoing planning studies; coincides with North LRT planning studies and the Transportation Master Plan/City Plan updates.

Cyclical Campaigns
TRUE Transit Challenge: Challenge city council to use transit exclusively to afford them first hand experience; coincides with budget deliberations. Annual.

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