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What's this all about?
Transit Experience Reports let us know what's good about transit and what could be better. Important issues may be targeted by their own campaigns.

How can I help?
Filling out a report provides us with key information to use for reports, presentations, posters, and more. We need your voice to build a better transit system!

How can I fill one out?
Transit Experience Reports are currently available online, both as an electronic form and a pdf file. Completed reports can also be mailed. Future plans for distribution include designated drop-off locations (e.g. Remedy Cafe). Have a location you'd like to suggest/volunteer? Drop us a line at

Where will this information be used?
Unless you grant us permission to publish, reports will be seen by our eyes only (please keep in mind this will limit our ability to act on the issue). If you grant us permission to publish, selected information may be used in a variety of printed (letters, press releases, etc.), verbal (presentations, meetings, etc.), and other formats to strengthen our position. Names will not be released unless you specifically allow us to publish them. Contact information (phone and email) will not be released to third parties.

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