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What's this all about?
Projects are activities which cover a broad range of goals and causes. TRUE selects projects members believe to have multiple and continuing benefits. Projects often continue indefinitely.

How can I help?
Let us know what transit issues are important to you and how we can target them with a project. Is there way to engage transit riders and support multiple causes simultaneously? We're always interested in new ideas for projects and people to run them.

Current Projects
Transit Experience Report: Completed reports direct our efforts and provide us with key information to use for reports, presentations, posters, and more. Future plans include increasing the availability of paper copies.

Route Redesign: Engage transit riders to design a system which meets their needs. Future plans include workshops and programming route design tools.

Documentary: Illustrate what it means to be a transit rider/transit dependent in Edmonton through a partnership with APIRG's ACTV working group.

Dormant Projects
Promotional Materials: Buttons and faux bus passes have been designed and stamped/printed through the generous support of APIRG. Both are available to members at meetings.

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