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What's this all about?
On November 17, 2008, TRUE once again challenged Edmonton City Council to give up their private vehicles and rely entirely on ETS for one week.

What's the goal?
TRUE believes that to serve the needs of Edmonton's transit riders, one must understand what it means to be transit dependent in Edmonton. TRUE understands that the jobs of councillor and mayor require mobility, punctuality, and efficiency, but these needs are shared by transit riders. The ability to make cross-city, late-night, and short-notice trips are all important to viable transit.

Most members of city council were elected and re-elected on pro-transit platforms, and accepting this challenge demonstrated commitment on the part of these four councillors. The challenge also coincided with budget deliberations which afforded an opportunity to increase the transit budget and reconsider the proposed fare increase.

Councillors will gain an appreciation for the strengths and weaknesses of Edmonton's transit system, and will be able to base their future decisions on first-hand experience. They will also serve as a positive model for other Edmontonians to follow, and help open a dialogue between the city and transit riders. Together we can build an effective and appealing transit system designed to serve all Edmontonians.

Didn't you do this last year?
Yes. Last year, councillors Don Iveson, Amarjeet Sohi, Ben Henderson, and Dave Thiele accepted the challenge on the steps of City Hall. Selected print media coverage from 2007 is available from TRUE; please email for details.

How can I help?
Come to our wrap-up and transit forum at noon on Monday, November 24, in front of the CBC in City Centre mall.

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