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Our Shadow Report on the ETS Growth Strategy is Now Available
It's a 3.1 MB pdf, and is available here. Responses are now closed (thank you to those who submitted!), but you can use the forms to let us know what you think!

What's this all about?
City Council has commissioned a review of ETS to be presented in June. TRUE is putting together an independent report composed entirely of what transit riders have to say about ETS. Information collected with this form will form the basis of the report, which we will present to City Council and release to the public and media.

We're also holding a workshop on April 21th (3:00pm to 7:00pm at Three Bananas Café, Churchill Square - drop in any time) to discuss the project and issues, as well as collaboratively create figures for the report (e.g. "Perfect Bus," "Perfect Bus Stop," and route redesign ideas). Here's a larger poster.

What's the goal?
TRUE believes that transit riders have the best understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of transit in Edmonton and should have their opinions and experiences heard.

More information about the project (including the format of the report and how to fill out this form) is available at the bottom of the page.

Please forward this form to other interested transit riders, and help those without internet access to submit (more information at the bottom).

Personal Profile (tell us a little about yourself):

Full Name:

What would you like City Council/ETS/Edmonton to know about...


LRT/Express Buses:

Routes (connections, timings, etc.):


Service Coverage (well served areas, gaps, etc.):

Service Levels (hours of operation, frequencies, etc.):

Transit Centres/LRT Stations/Bus Shelters:

Transit in Other Cities:

Promotion/Increasing Ridership:

Contact Information
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I give TRUE permission to print or otherwise use my submission.
Register me as a TRUE member.
I am submitting a figure I have created for the report (email to as an attachment). Ideas: redesigned routes, perfect bus shelter, perfect bus... We will also be creating these collaboratively at the workshops.
I certify that all information is correct to the best of my knowledge.

How can I help?
Fill out the form below and encourage others to do the same. Attend one of our workshops where we'll be discussing the issues and collaboratively creating the figures to illustrate concepts in the report. Help those who could not otherwise submit by typing up their responses, telling them about the workshops, or giving them the list of questions and asking them to mail their responses to TRUE c/o APIRG (9111-112 Street, Edmonton AB, T6G 2C5).

What happens to my information?
Information provided will be published in the report to City Council, which will also be available on the website and distributed to the media, etc. The idea is to make this information fully public, so please provide your responses in that spirit. Your name and any personal information (except contact information) you provide may be published.

How should I fill this out?
In the spirit of impartiality, we've provided a number of subjects to discuss, rather than a list of questions. Type as much as you want on each subject about your opinions and experiences. Responses may be edited for length (about a paragraph is optimal) and clarity, but not for content. Tell us a little about yourself and how it affects your experiences in the personal information section (examples).